Why Ko-Fi?

BayYo, I am! Still posting piccy pics and planning fun Festy Fests for our fwens on the Insta Grammy Gram! That not change! Ko-Fi page helps us connect better wif fwens, post more piccy pics, and buys me cookies!
🍪 Thank you and YUM! 🍪

Hey BayYo and Doccy, why create a Ko-Fi page?

Dr. T here. If you’re unfamiliar with Ko-Fi, it is a paid platform that lets BayYo and I share exclusive content with our friends. We debated a long time before doing this —Why not just stick with Instagram? Why not keep it free for everyone?— and here’s why we chose Ko-Fi:

More Pics!

“Want to share more piccy pics, we do! So says BayYo.”

Did you know we only posted about 30% of our Christmas at Disney pics?  We just ran out of time!  We’re not available to post 12 times a day one hour apart. Plus, when you’re on Insta, we want you to be able to see posts from ALL the fwens, not just us clogging up your feed all day.

Ko-Fi lets us post as much as we want when WE have the time, and you can come look at our pics when YOU have the time, while still staying in touch with all the fwens.

You may ask us, ‘Why not just put everything on a public webpage like this one?” Trolls and stealing.  Our pics would be poached in seconds flat!  This way, our bonus content stays among fwens.  

“But don’t worry, fwens! Still on the Grammy Gram, we are! Still posty posting and hosty hosting! Ko-Fi is extra stuff! So says BayYo.”


“Plushies! Buttons! Dizzy Knee treats! Want to send gifty gifts, we do!”

Sometimes when we’re out on our adventures, we see souvenirs or treats that we just want to share! And we’ve been designing custom items that we are so excited about! We just want to send everything to everyone we know right now!

(You can picture BayYo wanting to do this, right?)

But, sadly, we can’t afford to do that at the moment. And how could we choose who gets a treat and who doesn’t? A giveaway is a perfect way to spread some love in these wacky times to one lucky person at a time.

Why not do giveaways on Insta? Again, trolls. People who don’t know us or don’t like us, but will pile our giveaway with entries just to get free stuff. Ko-Fi lets us do giveaways for our supporters and/or subscribers only, so we can keep it to what we can afford and still send the maximum amount of cheer to fwens!

“BayYo wants to send gifty gifts to ALL! Keep working on Doccy on this point, I will. So says BayYo.”

Happy Mail!

“Love sending Happy Mail, we do! Want to send more posty postcards and gifty gifts!”

One of our favorite things is to send happy mail to fwens!  But fwens, it’s getting expensive.  Special cards, envelopes, postage, and an ever-growing mailing list mean we may have to stop sending cards soon.  But we don’t want to!  We love it!  Sweet and simple, Ko-Fi helps us pay for postage.

What if you’re not already on our mailing list? Eventually, we hope to set up a shop that would permit you to buy greetings from BayYo to send to yourself or others, buy packs of cards like those we make to send on your own, or send things to each other through us (like overseas friends who want to send to friends in the U.S. without having to ship overseas, or friends not near Disney who want us to send Disney gifts to their other friends). Ko-Fi has a shop option that puts us one step closer to that possibility. And spots on our mailing list may also appear as giveaway prizes!

“Us sending more Happy Mail! You sending more Happy Mail to each other! That means more Happy Maily Mail for all! Bestest thing ever! So says BayYo.”


“Big dreamy dreams, we have! Want to write booky books like Doccy, I do! So says BayYo.”

BayYo and Doccy have written a book together and they’re already planning a sequel!  We may want to find an agent and a publisher or we may want to publish it ourselves!  Plus, we’d love to do some travel books of our adventures and make them available for fwens (either through giveaways or for purchase). But that takes money and time.  Your support helps us follow our dream!  

In return, you’ll get behind-the-scenes pics and posts of BayYo’s quest to become a published author.


“Doccy, what dis green papery stuff?”

Is it weird to talk about our finances, fwens?  Here’s the thing.  We’re doing OK. Doccy and Co-Lorian have been on reduced salary since March of 2020 (earning between 30 and 50 percent of what we made in 2019), but we have some savings, we cut back and made a strict budget, we stick to it (most of the time), and we’re hanging in there.  We bought our Disney and Universal annual passes out of our savings, because we knew we’d need that joy this year.  Doccy buys BayYo toys and hats out of the weekly budget, whenever we don’t need the whole amount for food or work supplies.  Have sandwiches instead of carryout, buy BayYo a hat! It’s a pretty good system.

But BayYo has a big heart and wants to give bigger!  More happy mail!  More giveaways!  More pics!  More books and projects!  And also, more cookies for BayYo!  Because let’s face it, the little green alien has a big heart, but also a big stomach.  Your support helps us do more for BayYo and more for the world!  

These are the main reasons we started a Ko-Fi page!  We hope you will join us in the fun! 

Click Here to Join Our Ko-Fi Page

let go your conscious self…stretch out with your feelingsyou’ve taken your first step into a larger world.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars (when there was only one)

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