BayYo, I Am!

“Hi Fwens! BayYo, I am!

Live in da USA with Doccy.  Doccy loves me and gives me cookies. 🍪

My favey fave things are playing with toys (especially alien remixy mix from Pixar and anything that goes VROOOM!) 🧸 🚗 , climbing trees 🌳, building Lego 🧱 , playing Pokémon Go 🐉, reading 📚, hiking 🌱, smelling (not chomping) pretty flowers 🌸, visiting animallies 🦍, wearing hats 🎩, eating snackies 🍪, sending happy mail to fwens 📬, getting happy mail from fwens 💌, spending time with fwens on the Ko-Fi and the Insta Grammy Gram📱, and going on adventures 🌎!

Also do worky work!  See?” ⬇️

Little Alien Who Likes to Play

BayYo may have career aspirations, but at the core of it all, BayYo is still a little alien who loves playtime! We try to make sure BayYo’s many jobs don’t interfere with that.


Educator, Nature Lover, Tour Guide

“Tour Guide BayYo” loves going on socially-distanced adventures and sharing pics and fun facts from our trips. BayYo especially loves “planty plants and animallies” and reveres the natural world.


Published & Seeking Representation for Future Projects

BayYo is now a published author! First Year on Earth: A Keepsake Book of Our Little Alien (A Baby Book for Your Adopted Intergalactic Child) released on November 9, 2021! It’s a baby book for baby aliens! Our Galactic Community: A Keepsake Book of Fwendship and Love (ISBN: 978-1-737-5420-0-1) is a scrapbook / memory book, written in children’s picture book style, designed to help hoomans and aliens commemorate good times in their online and offline communities. More details here .

Future Projects: With a little help from Dr. T, BayYo is writing books based on BayYo’s own life and observations about the world. BayYo also hopes to publish travel books from the aforementioned adventurous journeys.

Interested agents or publishers may contact BayYo and Doccy at or check out our SCBWI page here.

Amateur Chef

“Chop faster with lightsaber, I could!”

BayYo believes in healthy meals and plenty of snacky snacks (both healthy and not-so-much). Though there are more experienced alien chefs out there, what BayYo lacks in training, BayYo makes up for in personality!

Social Media Personality

Event Planner and Hosty Host

On Instagram, BayYo plans and hosts events, spreads cheer, shares observations on life, and engages in general BayYo-ness. (If you follow BayYo, you know what we mean). Read more about our social media activities here or check out our Insta page!

Want to see more?

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