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“Fwens, it is the mission of BayYo and the Baby Yoda Community to bring cheer to our humans and joy to all! Feeling low? Come join Tour Guide BayYo on an Adventure! Favey faves so far are Dizzy Knee (Disney), Harry Potter Land, botanny cal (botanical) gardens, dino lands…anyplace with splashy splash, fun fun fandoms, or RAWR!

If it’s safey safe where you are, take your own alien on an adventure and share your pics! Join an event! Host an event! Fun for everyone!”

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Dino by Guy Darrough, Hat by @child.vs.earth

Note from Doccy: We may soon offer video tutorials or individual coaching on topics from mastering basic Instagram tasks (posting to Stories, reposting, Insta etiquette) to tips and tricks for hosting an amazing event. Interested? DM us on Insta or join our Ko-Fi page and tell us what you’d like to see.

Creators of Baby Yoda Fest

A weeklong little alien / Baby Yoda pic challenge and festival rolled into one! Started in June 2020 as a way to help new & established accounts find one another, we’re now past our 12th Fest! Come join the fun!

#babyyodafest2020 #babyyodafest2021 #babyyodafest

Bring on the Choccy Moo Moo Juice!
Creators and Co-Hosts of the Baby Yoda Party

Dr. T and BayYo created the Baby Yoda Party to be part pic challenge, part virtual gathering, and part celebration! Coordinating and collaborating with some of the best digital pic talents in the #babyyodacommunity to host these events and produce commemorative group pics, the Baby Yoda Party bridges the gap between a live, real-time event and virtual timespace. These first-of-their-kind events paved the way for new events in this format across the community and Instagram!

#babyyodaparty #babyyodanuggieparty #babyyodapoolparty #babyyodacampingparty #babyyodaholidayparty

Co-Founders of the Baby Yoda Cheer Network

“Back during the holly days (December 2020), got worried, we did, about aliens and their humans feeling sad and lonely ‘cause of Rona. Found out others worried about this, too. Three fwens formed the Baby Yoda Cheer Network to keep each other and everyone company and help keep spirits up up up!”

Like the Baby Yoda Community, this group has since taken on a life of its own and spawned new sub-groups who continue to support one another and bring joy to the world!

Co-Founders of the Baby Yoda Community

“That’s what we call all the little aliens having fun together! Over 4000 now!!”

Dr. T here. Back in May 2020 when BayYo and I started @Dr.T_Writes , there were only a handful of accounts showcasing their alien figures and plush. But the number was growing daily! It got harder and harder to keep track of one another. BayYo and I chose the hashtag #babyyodacommunity and encouraged its use as a way for all the original accounts to keep in touch, for new accounts to be welcomed and find their audience quickly, and for all the BY plushies to become “fwens.”

From the beginning, it was our goal to foster a community that is diverse, inclusive, warm, caring, and fun! We think it worked! But even we are astonished at how many supportive, creative, and amazing aliens & their humans make up the Baby Yoda Community today!
“Wuv our fwens, we do!”


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Travel & Lifestyle Photography
Dinos, RAWR!
Gorilla Falls (BayYo loves gorillas!) Animal Kingdom
Botanical Gardens
Hiking, Tree Climbing, Nature
As BayYo calls it, Dizzy Knee!

“Doccy started our Insta Grammy Gram in May 2020, Gregorian Earth Time, to talk about sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and fandoms. Joke on Doccy, it is! Grammy Gram all about me! (And a little of dat other stuff, too). BayYo having fun being BayYo!
Soon, discovered so many fwens doing same! Trying to bring the happy to selves and others in tough Earth time, we all were…and are! Saw this, Doccy did, and tried to helpy help with events to bring people and aliens together and spread more fun! Details above.
But cannot have community alone, fwens. Doccy worked with many others and had much help wif all dese thingy things. But worried, we are, that if we start naming some fwens, others may feel left out. May try to create a separate page for fwens and thanky thanks soon. Until then, you ALL in our hearts!”

Note: These photographs were created with great time and care by @Dr.T_Writes and BayYo. Copyright © BayYo and Doccy LLC. Do not copy, download, repost, or reproduce these photographs or this text in any way or to any purpose without our permission. To do so is a violation of intellectual property and copyright laws. Also, it makes BayYo cry. No one wants a weepy alien! Thank you for respecting our wishes (and feel free to contact us for collaborations and permissions!)

BayYo, Doccy, these pages, and BayYo and Doccy LLC are not affiliated with Mattel, Disney, Star Wars, or The Mandalorian in any way at this time and do not speak for or represent these companies.  We are great fans of their work, though, and thank them for the joy they bring to us and to so many! We intend these pages as an artistic, original expression in their own right with no connection or correlation to these companies other than our enthusiasm for them and their work.

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